T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Stan & Patty Swartz

  Stan Swartz, teaching T'ai Chi in Pittsburgh since 1982

T'ai Chi in the news ...

Green Tree Times, August, 2015

"Learning to Unlearn Through T'ai Chi", by Dena Rose

view:  GTT, Learning to Unlearn Through T'ai Chi.pdf

New York Times, September 28, 2010

Personal Health:  "A Downside to Tai Chi?  None That I See", by Jane E. Brody

view:   T'ai Chi - no downside-NYTimes.pdf

Jewish Chronicle, September, 2009

JF&CS pilot orogram offers seniors a way to maintain healthy brains

view: JF&CS pilot program - healthy brains-2.pdf

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 1, 2000

"A path to tai chi", by Rhonda Miller


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 1, 2000

"T'ai Chi Ch'uan practitioners find balance and energy in it's flowing motions", by Rhonda Miller


Pittsburgh Boomers, December, 2000

"T'ai Chi Ch'uan ... a way of reuniting body, mind and spirit

Pittsburgh Boomers, January, 2000

"Supreme Ultimate" Exercise for Boomers

Western Pennsylvania Dressage Association Newsletter, Feb. 2006

"T'ai Chi Ch'uan:  'groundwork' for the Equestrian", by Kristin Hermann