T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Stan & Patty Swartz

  Stan Swartz, teaching T'ai Chi in Pittsburgh since 1982

Stan Swartz has studied T’ai Chi Ch’uan since 1973 with four senior students of Grand Master Cheng Man-Ch'ing: Robert W. Smith, Patrick Watson, Tam Gibbs, and Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo.

Stan has taught in New York City, Florida, Europe and Puerto Rico. In 1982 he returned to Pittsburgh, offering beginning thru advanced level classes.

Stan’s teaching experience includes:

*  classes for athletes, artists, musicians  

*  credit & non-credit classes at local universities

*  wellness programs / workshops / retreats

*  classes for rehab patients at local hospitals

*  classes for seniors (50+) OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute,

    offered thru the University of Pittsburgh

Patty Swartz has been studying T'ai Chi Chuan with Stan since 1988 and participating in workshops with Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo.

Patty teaches the Eight Methods of T'ai Chi for beginning students, T’ai Chi Form Classes, private classes for students with physical limitations, and T’ai Chi workshops for Equestrians.

What to expect in our classes ...

The T'ai Chi form is a series of 37 postures (some repeat for a total of 64 movements) done in a continuous sequence. The movements are complex and take time to learn. Our goal is QUALITY of movement over quantity - learning to embody the T'ai Chi principles in our every movement.

The T’ai Chi form can be divided into various sections for convenience of teaching and learning. There are classes for beginners, intermediate students and advanced students.  For convenience we are describing our classes this way:

BEGINNING students learn the opening postures of the T'ai Chi form.  This introduces the basic movements and principles of T’ai Chi.

FIRST 1/3 of the T’ai Chi form: once students understand the basic movements and principles they continue to this first major section of the form - creating a foundation for more complex movements.

INTERMEDIATE classes continue with more complex movements building on the foundation.

WHOLE FORM classes offer ongoing review, corrections and refinement of the T'ai Chi postures, developing a deeper understanding of the T'ai Chi principles.

CHAN CHUANG students have completed the Tai Chi form and spend time "relaxing into the postures" as Stan makes adjustments. Students strengthen their legs and develop their chi.

T'UI SHOU / SENSING HANDS: with Stan's approval students who have completed the T'ai Chi form work with a partner, learning to yield and develop an inner sense of "listening".

The EIGHT METHODS of T'AI CHI are eight simple (though not easy) exercises used to introduce the T'ai Chi principles. Often viewed as a beginner's class, they are challenging and beneficial for T'ai Chi students of every level.