T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Stan & Patty Swartz

  Stan Swartz, teaching T'ai Chi in Pittsburgh since 1982


Welcome to SWARTZ T'AI CHI

T’ai Chi Ch’uan is an ancient Chinese form of moving meditation combining mindfulness, coordination of breathing and a graceful series of deliberate body movements. 

It evolved in China as an art of self-defense and took its philosophical base from Taoism - a philosophy that encourages yielding and “going with the flow” rather than aggression and offensive action.

Concentration and focus are required in order to perform the T'ai Chi movements correctly. It thus becomes a moving meditation. The body moves, the mind remains quiet and focused. All distracting thoughts are eliminated. We experience the eternal now.

Because of the emphasis on correct body mechanics, alignment and mental focus, T’ai Chi can improve any sport, dance and artistic endeavor. 

Studies have shown many benefits of T’ai Chi, including: 

* improves balance, coordination and flexibility

* promotes correct posture alignment and efficient muscle use

* lowers blood pressure, strengthens heart, increases circulation

* strengthens bones, increases range of motion of the joints

* improves memory, relaxation, meditation and stress reduction. 


During the coronavirus outbreak all classes are suspended until further notice.